A Witness to Aloha Hawai i Documentary Premiere

01 Dec 2020

This documentary A Witness to Aloha is about the first Christian Church of Hawaii Kawaiaha o and its historical legacy for the past 200 years Interviews from Kahu Ken Makuakane Henry Kapono Pastor Wayne Cordeiro Noelani Arista and many others reveal the true history of Kawaiaha o Church its impact and its legacy within the community of Hawaii the Pacific triangle and the world From the collaboration between the Ali i and the early Christian missionaries from Boston in 1820 that brought forth education music and the word of God to the present day world pandemic of 2020 We journey through the eyes of Kawaiaha o and witness our spiritual heritage past and present which reveals our story our people our islands Tithes Offerings https pushpay com g kawaiahao src hpp Check out our website https www kawaiahao org Copyright 2020 Kawaiaha o Church All Rights Reserved Any duplication use of clips images or sound recordings to do with this documentary film will be prosecuted by the fullest extent of the law Any use of this documentary for gain or profit will also be prosecuted by the laws pertaining to the country were the unlawful copyright infringements have taken place

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