Kalaupapa Wisdom for Today

01 Dec 2020

As an interactive workshop we look to the experiences of those who were exiled to Kalaupapa to be our wisdom teachers as we face massive crises and upheavals in our lives today Through published sources and first-person accounts we'll share how faith can overcome fear how hope can lift us from despair how painful separation can lead to joyful restoration how bonds of oppression can be broken and how the hard work of forgiveness can create a path to new life Learn about the missional work of the Conference through Kana ana Hou-Siloama UCC in Kalaupapa and consider how you might be involved Panelists Kahu Kalani Wong Conference Formation Missional Team Rev Dr Roxanne WhiteLight Keolahou Hawaiian Congregational Church Rev Dr Phyllis Meighen Conference Formation Missional Team Linda Ka auwai-Iwamoto Kapa a First Hawaiian Church Eleanora Cochran Lahuiokalani Ka anapali Congregational Church Contact Phyllis Meighen phyllismeighen gmail com Workshop presented for the 2020 Aha Pae ina Thursday October 8 2020 12 30-1 30 PM Hawai i time Recording edited for posting purposes

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