Our Micronesian Churches in Hawai i History Who they are What are their issues

01 Dec 2020

A brief overview of Christian history between Hawai i and Micronesia sharing of Micronesian experiences and issues the Micronesian community is facing due to COVID-19 Panelists in order of appearance Rennie Mau Hawai i PAAM Ron Fujiyoshi HCUCC Micronesian Committee Nixon Jack Kosrae 28 50 Bensis Henry Pohnpei 32 49 Staner Lorenjj Marshall Islands 36 44 Kachusy Silander Chuuk 40 40 David Popham HCUCC Conference Minister 45 05 Brian Welsh Pastor Haili Congregational Church 47 55 Eric Anderson HCUCC Micronesian Committee Pastor of Church of the Holy Cross 51 03 Workshop presented for the 2020 Aha Pae ina Thursday October 8 2020 5 00-6 00 PM Hawai i time Recording edited for posting purposes

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